World Mission

As a church, West Cliff has a big heart for supporting and engaging in God’s mission to wider world, actively supporting the following organizations which in different ways touch the world with God’s love.

KidzCan (Zimbabwe)

Orange day for KidzCan

Orange day for KidzCan

Run by Andrea Whatman, the daughter of one of our church members, KidzCan concentrates on improving the provision of an early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer in children in Harare, Zimbabwe, as well as contributing to the well being of those children suffering from cancer and other related life threatening blood disorders. The team aim to ensure that the affected children and their families have access to a high standard of treatment and support, regardless of their place of residence or their socio-economic background.

Read more about KidzCan on their website.



Liew Barkway, broadcasting to the Mien people

Liew Barkway, broadcasting to the Mien people

The Mien Radio Ministry is taking the Gospel to the Mien people.

Mien is the name of a tribal group who do not have their own country. Most of the Mien live in China but they can also be found in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, USA, France and Canada.

Mien Radio broadcasts on short wave from Manila in the Philippines through the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). This short wave covers the part of Asia where the Mien people live. If it is good weather, the programs can be heard in California, USA.

The Mien Radio programs contain Bible teaching, traditional Bible songs, sermons, health and parenting information, answers to listeners’ questions and programs for children.

The aim of Mien Radio is to reach non-Christians, encourage believers to have a good relationship with God and improve standards of living and education for Mien who live in remote areas.

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Since the day of its formation in 1792 by William Carey, BMS has been seeking to make the name of Jesus known in the world. As a Baptist Christian mission organisation, working in around 35 countries on 4 continents, BMS personnel are mainly involved in church planting, development, disaster relief, education, health, and media and advocacy.

West Cliff has always supported this work through prayer and monetary giving and links with individual missionaries. We currently partner with 2 families, one working in France, the other in Peru. David & Clair-Lise Judkins, with their 3 boys Joshua, Ben & Samuel, have just begun church planting work in France. Scott & Anjanette Williamson, with their 2 children Jessica & Samuel, have been involved with church planting and medical work in Cusco, Peru since 2008.