WIC – Westbourne International Community


Westbourne International Community is a group of English language and university students and resident internationals who meet on Sundays to worship God, and on Thursdays for a meal, Bible discussion and social activities, usually in the home of one of the co-workers. WIC is organised by Christians from local churches.

The Sunday ProgrammeInternational Student WIC flag

13:00 – Free lunch! Pot noodles, chicken, fruit and drinks

14:00 – Meeting, which includes:

  • songs led by our music group
  • prayer
  • a reading from the Bible
  • a Bible talk, discussion or interview, led by one of the co‑workers or a guest speaker

15:15 – Drinks and cakes/doughnuts, relax and practise your English!

For photos, videos and more information, including the Bible discussion dates, look at the WIC web site  or the WIC facebook page